Curanderismo is the practice of natural medicine and healing that exists across Latin America, and curanderas are the female followers of this practice. According to Encyclopedia.com, "Curanderismo can be defined as a set of traditional beliefs, rituals, and practices that address the physical, spiritual, psychological, and social needs of the people who use it."

Everyone could use an extra dose of love in these particularly difficult times. To that end we're here to create and spread healing vibes by connecting you with events, workshops, collaborations, and plenty of reading material
-- Let's navigate what it means to be a womxn / of color in the world today, together, and make the whole experience better for each other.

We focus on serving women and woman-identifying peoples. Why? Because, even in this modern age, women are still expected to do the majority of the emotional labor at home and in the office. Radical self-love is about creating a space where nothing is expected of you, where you can test the limits of your growth without judgement or fear of repercussion.

Curandera Club is a webspace where A L L women are welcome, a space where they can build supportive communities and become their best selves so they’re able to thrive when they're out doing ~ W O R K ~ in the world.

Curandera Club is proudly located in Washington, DC.



Nicole is a Boricua storyteller currently residing in the District, where she's lived for a decade in a hundred different lives. She's worked closely alongside DC artists and makers as an administrative + web + emotional support guru while helping to promote all things local. These days, she's managing the retail portion of She Loves Me and occasionally moonlights as a freelance writer. (Find more of her past work on her portfolio and C.V.)

Curandera Club was born from a desire to reconnect with her roots and to form new connections with the amazing women who surround her.