MATINE is a DC-based line of leather goods run by the endlessly talented Carolyn Misterek. Carolyn's commitment to empowering her community includes a series of "Conversations" in which she invites local makers to discuss topics pertaining to the creative industry.

In that spirit, I created a new series for her Journal in which local fashion influencers are invited to style her bags in a way that reflects their own personal brands and the changing seasons.

'Styled 01.' here

"As a creative I naturally have too many ideas to begin with, and as an entrepreneur I never have enough time to see it all through. I was especially letting things slide on my website and in email marketing, but having Nicole on my team has been like adding more time to my days. She gladly takes any task and runs with it, and best of all, she genuinely cares and brings great ideas of her own to the table, so I’m always confident my brand is in good hands."

- Carolyn Misterek