La Respuesta 01: Nicole Capó Martínez

Nicole Capó Martínez, founder of Curandera Club. Photo by  Lauren Louise Photography

Nicole Capó Martínez, founder of Curandera Club.
Photo by Lauren Louise Photography


La Respuesta is Navegando's version of the Proust Questionnaire, where we take a deep dive into exploring our similarities, our differences, and the stories that make us human. 

My name is Nicole and I'm the founder and creative director of Curandera Club. On the side, I work full-time overseeing the Adams Morgan Community Center at the LINE DC. So, clearly, my work is about community, but it's also about storytelling. My background is in journalism, and while I still freelance here and there when I feel particularly passionate about a certain topic, I also enjoy finding new and interesting ways to connect people to the stories around them. This is the idea behind La Respuesta, so I'll go first!

Name: Nicole Capó Martínez
Current age: 28 on paper, ~50 in my heart
Current location: Washington, DC, by way of Puerto Rico
What defines you? Compassion for the world around me; understanding my history and my culture; the need to be out just doing.
What keeps you up at night? The fear of feeling purposeless + pretty much anything in the news.
What do you want the most? For everyone, myself included, to feel appreciated, and cared for, and worthy.
How do you handle loneliness? I'm 51% introverted, so loneliness is like a battery recharge most of the time. But too much of it makes me antsy and anxious, and that's when I'll start planning dinner parties, nights out, getaways... 
How do you feel purposeful? By building community and making new connections.
What do you do, when there is no one else around? Sing at the top of my lungs and talk to my cat.
What character in fame or fiction would you most like to be? My favorite book is the Handmaid's Tale, and I love that they picked a queer black actress to play the part of Moira on the Hulu show (Samira Wiley, who happened to grow up in DC and is a badass in her own right) -- I would be 50% that version of Moira, and 50% Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic Socialist currently shaking up New York politics.
What thing can you not live without? Love.
What medium of art most moves you, and what work makes your heart sing? I'm an avid reader; books are my escape when I need to tune out the world. But music has my whole heart -- A good playlist of nostalgic tunes I listened to growing up, pop latino, 90s boy- and girl-bands, the Rat Pack and terrible 80s music (thanks, Mom & Dad) never fails to give me butterflies. A great song will leave me in tears.

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