Welcome to Curandera Club

a blurred woman with dark hair wearing a white t-shirt that says "you matter" on a red background

2017 was a doozy.

I started 2018 full of exhaustion from all the work I was putting into life at the end of last year.  From the madness of the everyday coupled with the heartbreak of the unexpected.

So I went offline and took a breather. I hibernated for winter.

I'm still exhausted -- life isn't always what we want it to be, and sometimes the rest we think we're taking isn't rest at all. But I'm ready to tear myself away from the things that drain my power and sink back into life. Create my own magic, at my own pace. Stop rushing everything the way life keeps trying to force us to.

Which brings me to some projects I've been working on.

My first project is a series of booklets with meditations and poems on life, love, our bodies and our selves. You can buy booklet número uno on Amazon: what makes you soft, a guide on your journey towards radical self love. I'm still learning the ins and outs of self-publishing (the Kindle version is a little wonky!), but I'm reminding myself that imperfections are a sign of growth.

More booklets to come -- stay tuned for those.

The next project is CxC, a series of clubs that will give you space to build your community. Spaces for women to feel warm and welcome and loved. Spaces to create. First one up: CURANDERAxWalkCLUB. Why? Because sometimes you just need an excuse to get out of the house and walk aimlessly (or walk towards a rooftop filled with wine and snacks). If you're not signed up yet for the Curandera Club newsletter, I recommend signing up now -- I'll be announcing the first CxWC date real soon now that it's [kind of] Spring in the District.

More events coming soon, promise ✨ In the meantime, sending lots of hugs from me to you.

Love, love.