¡sométele AL BLOG!

so·me·ter verb submit, bring up for consideration, offer for discussion, propose, put on the table

so·me·ter verb subdue, vanquish, bring under dominion, disrupt the narrative

ex. "tú le sométele, dale bien duro" - ivy queen

Images of Barbara Grant and Nicole Capó Martínez from blog series La Respuesta

La Respuesta is Navegando's version of the Proust Questionnaire, where we take a deep dive into exploring our similarities, our differences, and the stories that make us human. 

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Photo of Nicole Capó Martínez in the Organization of the American States' main hall


Lo·kal tells the stories of #POC places of interest in the DMV and beyond.

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Photo of a mallorca sandwich and a café con leche


Mordisco is a short post series that asks: What are your food [her]stories? We welcome any and all memories of the foods you ate growing up / the #woc in your life who have fed you.

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